Donna Godlove

Donna is considered a “Pastelist”. As an award-winning artist, and the first President of the Appalachian Pastel League, she continually pushes pastels into the limelight of the local art community. Donna spent most of her life as a self-taught artist focused on graphite and acrylic. While she "dabbled" and remained drawn to art, she all but put away the easel to raise a family, attend college, and foster a career. Once retired from banking, she started her artistic work anew. Her first move, she found a good instructor and mentor. Secondly, she picked up pastels, an entirely new medium for her. The more she explored what these fabulous little sticks of pigment could do, the more she pushed herself into unknown territory. When asked "Why Pastels?" She stated, “I don’t do anything by half, finding a mentor that is both a great guide and fierce friend was paramount. She sparked a passion in me. I discovered what I seldom found in the acrylics. It's the softness, the life, and the way the light just bounces off the piece. In natural progression, she pushed into Oil Pastels. In two short years, from 2010 to 2012, Donna conquered a virtually unknown mediums to having her own exhibitions in pastel. And as she says, "I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love, and I'm just getting started". She has since had several other solo exhibitions and quite a few juried exhibitions. Donna teaches Oil Pastels classes at the local College, and has private lessons, and workshops in both soft and oil pastel. As the first President of the newly formed “Appalachian Pastel League, she continually strives to bring pastels to the forefront of the area’s art community. The League’s members are both soft and oil pastelists.

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