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Connect with fellow Oil Pastelists, collaborate, create and celebrate!

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Share the best work and get honest feedback from fellow artists. Help artists grow into professionals.

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Landscape, Portrait, Still life or Abstract? How best to apply oil pastels to every subject.

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What is your favorite surfaces for using oil pastels? How do you prepare your surface?

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Do you use oil pastels just as additive or also as subtractive? What unique tools do you use to get the desired effect?

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Contests and Competition links where Oil Pastelists can participate and showcase their work.

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Presentation can make a big different to your work. Finding the right fixative or framing options is always a challenge.

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  • Sharon Quarles
    Mar 8

    Fleur De Lis was entered in the International Artist Magazine for the Floral & Gardens Competition in October 2018 and was among the top 10 winners. This is a must for all artist to enter! I took a picture in a friends garden and cropped and printed it out then drew it on a black gessoed canvas and painted it with Sennelier Oil Pastel
  • Ling Z
    Mar 8

    I am learning oil pastel painting for couple month and love it very much. Here is my work and hope some one give me some suggestion. Thanks!
  • Deepa Thakur
    Mar 8

    Congratulations to Carol L. Zack to have her very large oil pastel painting, "Floral in Green", was also juried into the Vicinty exhibition. Thanks to The Norris Gallery in St. Charles, IL
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